Hey there!
My name is Neal Mackey and I'm the founder of KDK KonKrete Designs.

We are a dynamic fabrication and design team located in the industrial district of beautiful McKinney, TX. We serve the entire US. 

We specialize in designing and creating custom, hand-crafted artisan concrete, wood, and steel furniture pieces and concrete countertops/sinks.

We work directly with designers as well as commercial and residential customers to literally make their design ideas a reality.  We regularly hear  "I'm not sure this is possible but I have this idea..." That's our favorite customer!

One thing that we're known for is our ability to inlay wood, steel, and other materials into our proprietary concrete mix to make each piece truly unique.

Stop by our ShopHouse, where you can see samples, colors, and just cool stuff we have built. When you visit, make sure to ask me for a FREE Texas concrete souvenir.

Can't wait to meet you!